View our videos on natural gas and the UGS Katharina storage project here. Fly over our Peissen construction site with a drone, or travel with the natural gas on its journey from its production site at Sakhalin, Russia and hundreds of kilometres along the floor of the Baltic Sea through the Nord Stream pipeline to consumers in Europe.

From well
to consumer

Alongside heating and cooking, natural gas is also used in the automotive industry as an environmentally-friendly motor fuel.

The story of
natural gas

The story of the technical marvels that bring natural gas to customers’ homes.

The UGS Katharina
Storage project

A joint venture between OOO Gazprom export and VNG Gasspeicher GmbH

The construction site
from above

Get a bird’s-eye view of the UGS Katharina construction site in Peissen with this drone-flyover footage.

Other publications


Download selected publications from UGS Katharina’s shareholder companies, press releases and other materials here.

A joint venture of

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